Mirage Questions

Sean Grove
Sean GroveNov 18th, 2020

Mirage is going to have a ton of growing pains as it's used for real-world applications. I suspect that most of that will be spent on polish and glue (which is desperately missing right now), because the core is relatively solid (especially compared to e.g. one year ago).

Still, I have tons of Mirage questions, and would like answers/guides to them, or even better - code to completely obsolete them. I'll keep a list here, and update it with links as answers come in.

  • How to express pinned dependencies in the the mirage config.ml Apparently this isn't possible right now, which means others are going to have a hard time using my example repository.
  • Seamless, continuous, one-click deploy from any platform to AWS, GC, Linode, Digital Ocean, and prgrm
  • How to get stack traces from crashes in the unikernel in production (ideally we'd be able to combine with with e.g. bugsnag at some point)
  • How to build a xen unikernel image from OSX (likely to be a big requirement)
  • If the above isn't feasible, how to tie into e.g. CircleCI to build the xen artifacts and upload them somewhere.
  • How to parameterize the ports for development (where I don't want to use sudo to start my binary) and for production (where I don't mind it, of course). Also applies to other things besides just ports (ssl certs, etc.).